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Answer:We will have to suspend the support of your application, which will lead to shutdown.
The process consists of 2 phases. First, your access to the control panel of your mobile application will be suspended for 30 days.
In case we will not receive any payment for the maintenance, your mobile application will no longer be displayed for users in their smartphones, which leads to its deletion in 100% of the times.
Answer:The fact is that you are NOT paying for the development of the program code of your mobile application.
We want you to work for yourself, not for mass media!
Low cost is also caused by the usage of the newest programming and internet technologies. You are NOT paying for the expensive development and complex source code writing.
The price consists of the cost of storing of your data, plus the maintenance.
Answer:Informing your clients about your company and its services should support your business, not consume it.
For example: today, developing your own mobile application, consisting of design and code, costs 10000$ at the minimum. And you still would need to pay for the maintenance, since nobody is safe from technical issues. In addition, there are such things as frequent operational systems upgrades, which also have their influence on this problem.
Answer:A mobile application made by Webidea is easy to use for every employee who has an access to the personal account.
In fact, any person in your company with the minimal knowledge of PC can use a mobile application by us.
Data and statistics of section visiting can be managed and viewed from any place in the world with an internet connection.
We make dreams about proper restaurant business management a reality!
Answer:A mobile application, placed at the markets, increases the amount of application users and raises the amount of your clients respectively.
Visitors of establishments find it much more useful to view an offer map and be in touch with the best offers.
he whole system of discounts and special offers for every client is just one click away!
Over 7 millions of users visit markets daily to buy or download for free new interesting and useful applications.
According to statistics, having a mobile application at the markets results in the rise of the income from your business by 20% on average. It happens due to increase of the amount of the client traffic and from people getting acquainted with your company.
Markets work in such a way that even without any money invested in the advertising, all mobile applications will have downloads.
The most active and solvent part of the population uses smartphones every day! Take you honorable place at the App Store and Google Play right now. Do not miss the chance to get even more profits!